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Meet The CEO


Clayton Lawrence

Founder of Pipeline Career Services


I currently live in Atlanta, GA where I get write software for restaurants as a software engineer at NCR Corporation. When I'm not coding I enjoy church, video games, football, anime, and podcasting. I have a heart for people and has always been fascinated by STEM topics - a fascination that led me to obtain a degree in computer science from Georgia Tech. As a freshman in college, I landed a software engineering internship at Facebook and interned there for 4 summers. When it came to my personal development, I was quite intentional - participating in programs offered by Management Leadership for Tomorrow and Code2040. In these programs, I learned more about his passion for software engineering and connected with various industry leaders to gain an expertise about the field. As a student, I worked for the College of Computing offering resume, job search, and networking advice. I noticed that the same struggles I had experienced to pinpoint the type of career I wanted were shared by others. That's why I started Pipeline - to help facilitate career discovery and forward movement. I was able to discover and begin working in my dream role as a software engineer and now I want to help you discover and get your dream job!

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